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CAMP FIT was formed to further empower and educate children and their families on the importance of taking a holistic approach to living a healthier lifestyle. This program plays a vital role in decreasing the number of at-risk children who suffer from childhood obesity, the challenges of teenage peer pressure, struggle with low self esteem, and/or live with the aftermath of academic failure. Through fitness training, life skills development, and academic empowerment, CAMP FIT motivates children to overcome personal obstacles while getting and staying FIT.

The CAMP FIT program has one goal: Getting kids healthy today to have a better quality of life tomorrow.

  • CAMP FITis an 8 week, intense training experience focusing on the core attributes of the child; that being their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • There are5 emphasized areas of the program for which the participants are educated, graded, and awarded! Those areas are: Team work, Exercise, Nutrition, Awareness, and Participation.
  • Weekly itinerary consist of exercise, nutrition, life skills workshops, team building, creative thinking activities, healthy cooking classes, academic development, and various sports.
  • Each camper is given a pre/post survey to test their knowledge before and after the CAMP FIT 
  • Weight and measurements are taken to track weekly progress.

Camp Fit staff consists of, but is not limited to: Certified Personal Trainers, Dietitians, Health Coaches, Registered nurses, Pediatricians, Professional Chefs, Nutritionists, Fitness Instructors, and Life Coaches.

Our goal at CAMP FIT is to help each child find their “Inner Winner” within themselves.